• Chicken lunch plate «Popular NO 1!»

      1200 yen + tax

      Chicken cafe's recommended menu gathers in one dish ☆

    • Rice cake Napolitan «with salad · drink»

      900 yen + tax

      It is dare to stick to the ingredients in Japan, it is rice cake with a thick pasta with 2.2 mm thick pasta.Please enjoy old-fashioned nostalgic flavor.

    • Capsez style cold pasta with mozzarella and tomato

      1000 yen + tax

      Lunch pasta for the month! We use seasonal ingredients.

    • Combination curry «with salad · drink»

      S800 / M900 / L1000 yen + tax

      It is a popular menu that you can enjoy two kinds of roux at once.Of course, you can also order one type of curry.

    • Lunch Limited Mini Pafe

      300 yen + tax
    • «Recommended» French toast of fluffy torio

      Individual item 900 yen + tax

      Newly joining from April ♪ Prepare the taste of 3 colors (plain, tea, coffee).Stylish lunch · Please enjoy at 15 o'clock snacks ♪ chicken staff · It is a dish of whole body that was born from the customer's opinion.