• Chicken Cafe Original Cappuccino

      Chicken Cafe Original Cappuccino

      410 yen ~

      When saying the specialty of chicken cafe, when ordering "cappuccino" please order by all means! It is also a perfect drink for meal / dessert.Taste is normal, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut 4 kinds.

    • Chicken plate

      Chicken plate

      1200 yen

      Chicken cafe's recommended menu gathers in one dish ☆

    • Roast beef salad tailoring

      810 yen

      A roast beef with plenty of meat taste with a sense of salad.Homemade onion based sauce enhances the flavor of roast beef

    • Assorted raw ham · salami

      810 yen

      Hamon Serrano · Chorizo ​​Iberico Bejota · Milano Salami etc etc ... Tasteful ham, which arrives daily, Salami together with olive platter.Please join us with wine.Contents to the staff

    • Variety of cheese and dried fruit platter

      810 yen

      Gorgonzola · Smoked mozzarella · palmigian etc etc ... Production method, assorted cheeses with different tastes with dried fruits.◎ enjoying with the surplus wine as a substitute for dessert ◎ even the staff to the contents

    • Spicy fries

      432 yen

      Hokkoku potato fried fried potatoes with hot oil.It is a snack which alcohol combined with spice of original blend advances

    • Special from chicken

      432 yen

      Deep fried chicken thigh meat with plenty of gravy.Volume is also full mark

    • Crispy ☆ Chicken

      648 yen

      Fried chicken with zakuzaku texture using cornflakes for clothes ♪ Enjoy plenty of sour tartar sauce

    • Rice croquette of cheese risotto

      3 pieces / 486 yen

      Beshamel sauce carefully charged and plentiful Parmigiano.I made an authentic risotto as a croquette.Tomato sauce and Genovese sauce, please enjoy the taste of your choice

    • White clams and mussels white wine butter saute

      756 yen

      I used a small Dutch oven made by a craftsman in Sanjo city in Niigata Prefecture.The taste of seasoned fish seafood goes well with chilled white wine

    • Anchovy potato chef omelette

      756 yen

      I used a small Dutch oven made by a craftsman in Sanjo city in Niigata Prefecture.Deliver it to the table in a fluffy state.Enjoy at your preferred time ♪

    • Chicken specialty Jumbo parfa * Reservation required two days in advance

      Chicken specialty Jumbo parfa * Reservation required two days in advance


      Height 40 cm! Volume perfect suite of 3 to 4 servings! Opening hours 11: 30-12: 00/17: 00-22: 00

  • Cheese 【Specialty chicken cafe! Cheese fondue !!】 17: 00 ~

    • Three cheese cheese fondue (2 to 3 servings)

      Three cheese cheese fondue (2 to 3 servings)

      3024 yen

      Classic plain cheese fondue! Based on the real Swiss' s Grière cheese, Emmental cheese, we taste with Parmigianese cheese.Enjoy the taste of thick cheese ♪

    • Tomato-flavored cheese fondue (2 to 3 servings)

      3024 yen

      To the rich cheese fondue is added the original sweetness and sourness of tomato, to a light taste

    • 【NEW】 Genovese cheese fondue which basil is scented

      3024 yen

      The compatibility with vegetables is number one! It is a cheese fondue which herbs smell

  • Today's Reccomend menu 【Today's Recommendation】 17: 00 ~

    • Salada 【Vegetable full of delightful girls】 17: 00 ~

      • Carocor bacon Caesar salad

        864 yen

        After receiving orders saute it thickly cut bacon umami plentiful salad.Compatibility with homemade Caesar dressing based on mayonnaise is outstanding

      • Shrimp and avocado salad

        864 yen

        Sold out is inevitable! A combination of shrimp and avocado of iron plate! Plenty leafy vegetables and volumes are also full marks

    • Staub 【Rice cooked with French born Dutch oven】 17: 00 ~

      • 【NEW】 Porcini's Stove Risotto (2 ~ 3 servings)

        【NEW】 Porcini's Stove Risotto (2 ~ 3 servings)

        1/1512 yen

        Risotto using stove pots born in France.We tailored Porcini mushrooms called Italian truffle into risotto.It is a dish of this season only unbearable combination of mushroom soup and palmigano.(It will be cooked from rice, so it will take 30 to 40 minutes to offer)

      • Saffron fragrant seafood paella (2 to 3 servings)

        1 joint / 1944 yen

        Paellia using a stove pot that was born in France.Angel shrimp, clams, mussels, carrots etc ... We used plenty of seafood abundantly.(It will be cooked from rice, so it will take 30 to 40 minutes to offer)

      • Rhizopyraf of chicken and mushroom (2 to 3 servings)

        1/1512 yen

        Rice dishes like pizza like risotto using French born stove pot.It is a classic super popular menu since the chicken cafe was opened (it cooks from rice, so it will take 30 to 40 minutes to offer)

    • Dessert 【After breakfast with original sweets】 11: 30 ~

      • Grinny parfait

        810 yen

        As the name suggests, it is a greedy parfait where a lot of various desserts are included.

      • Chocolate banana parfait

        810 yen

        A must-see mint! It is a luxurious parfait that coats bananas with chocolate and also contains tiramisu and coffee jelly.

      • Chocolate brownie parfait

        864 yen
      • Rare cheese strawberry soft cream parfait

        864 yen
      • Torino roll apple pie

        810 yen

        Reprinted for a limited time only for this season! Vanilla ice cold in Dakashiku Danish fabric! Sold out popular dessert is inevitable

      • Plenty of cream and caramel's Punukki

        810 yen

        Hybrid chicken cafe standard no longer? Hybrid suite of pancakes and cookies.A peculiar puzzle texture draws back